SGA Executive Committee

Tayler Salvatore SGA President
Nicki Werner Executive Vice President
Henry Jaffe VP for Academic Affairs
Kira Geary VP for Financial Affairs
Max Fleischman VP for Student Life
Julia Budsey VP for Club Affairs
Emma Sturdevant VP for Inclusion and Outreach
Rachael Thomeer Senior Class President


Legislative Committees SGA Logo

Legislative Committees exist to oversee particular areas of importance for the student body.

Academic Council (AC)AC is the primary liaison between students and academic departments and is comprised of students from multiple disciplines.

Budget and Finance (B&F)B&F manages financial policies and budgeting for all SGA clubs and committees.

Club Affairs (CAC)CAC liaisons with all existing clubs and assists in the creation of new clubs.

Events CouncilEvents Council helps major event planning groups on campus coordinate.

Inclusion and Outreach (CIO)CIO creats and runs SGA's outreach and social justice campaigns.

Student Life (CSL)CSL works with various college offices to improve the quality of student life.

Communications and Operations (COP): COP informs the student body of SGA business through social media and manages the internal opperations of SGA. 

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The SGA Senate meets every Tuesday at 8pm in Ladd 307.  All senates are open and we welcome the Skidmore community to come join us and speak during our two open forums.  
If you want to be included on the agenda, please email the Senate Chair at least a week prior to the desired Senate.