John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative
John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative

The Collaborative and the Curriculum

Students preparing a map exhibit for the
Skidmore-Saratoga Memory Project

The Collaborative is an innovative addition to the Skidmore campus. Not a minor or major, but a stand-alone center, MDOCS offers a broad array of resources, curricular offerings and programming, as well as research project support for students, faculty, and staff. Just as every department or program can count on Writing Center support for students as they grapple with fundamental elements of writing, members throughout the College community will be able to rely upon MDOCS resources and the expertise of its staff to help train students in the skills required to articulate analytical work in various documentary forms. Though MDOCS will offer classes on documentary forms, this curriculum is designed to work alongside existing majors and minors. Any department or program is invited to work with MDOCS.

Nicky Tavares hosting speakers for the Measures
Tavares introduces Jacquie Goss & Jenny Perlin, The Measures,
September 16, 2015, after a day of class visits and dialogue.

As of Spring 2015, "DS" (Documentary Studies) classes were on offer. Students began to enroll in introductory skill-building classes, add-ons with interviewing, exhibition and audio components, to start projects in a spring-break "docu-trek" class, and to grapple with the traditions of the documentary arts in Principles of Documentary. In Fall 2015, the first full production classes, in documentary filmmaking and audio documentary, as well as a projects short course to advise students who have projects under way, are offered by MDOCS/Project Vis Fellow Nicky Tavares and visiting assistant professor Adam Tinkle. Spring 2016 is in the works, so stay tuned for some exciting new offerings and faculty.